Payroll for one person?
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What's the best way to do payroll for a single, part-time employee? I was looking into payroll companies but they seem like overkill. True? Is there some kind of software I should use or something else?
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You could roll your own, OnPay has a good guide detailing all of the steps. It also doubles as a testament to why payroll companies exist, to subtract that headache from your life.

Gusto, OnPay, and Patriot are good starting points.
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I own a business with three employees. I initially tried doing payroll on my own, but it was more complicated and painful than you might think (mainly because of the byzantine tax rules imposed by the government). Also, I heard from multiple, reputable sources that the IRS is very strict with payroll taxes, and you can get hit with big fines even if you make relatively small, innocent mistakes. I ultimately chose to contract with a local payroll-processing company. I just have to log into a web portal every two weeks and indicate how many hours each employee worked. The company takes care of everything else. The monthly fee is about $100.

Also, I should warn you that I had a bad experience with QuickBooks. They theoretically provide payroll services, and I briefly considered using them, but their customer service was terrible. I couldn't even get off the ground with them. So I didn't pursue it.
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We have five active employees, and our monthly charges from SurePayroll are around $70. Totally worth it.
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Check with your business account bank. Mine offers this for a paltry sum by some partnered company.
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Another vote for SurePayroll. We use it for a company with 1 full time and 1 part time employee, and it works great for us. I think we pay a little over $50/month.
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Quickbooks has a payroll service that’s reasonably priced. I’ve used it for over ten years. You may also have a free payroll service attached to your business bank account, depending on your bank.
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I manage a small (but rapidly growing) nonprofit, use Gusto, and love it.
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Hi, thanks so much for the feedback. I ended up signing up with Gusto which seems to work okay so far. The pricing with one employee is about $45/month, well worth it for them to calculate everything for me and deal with payroll taxes etc.

Appreciate all the answers.
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I've been paid via Gusto before as a part time employee. Another good option is Square Payroll, which I think is a little bit cheaper.
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