Last minute trips for solo travelers?
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I’ve suddenly found myself without good plans for my vacation first week of February. Are there any last minute travel deal sites that actually have deals? Would be leaving from Charlotte or Atlanta, destination and price highly flexible (Yes this has been asked before but it was 5y ago so things have probably changed)
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Kayak Explore will give you a nice list of destinations for your desired dates. Here is a list of more places you can search with no specific destination.

I don't think 3 weeks is last minute and I also don't think you need to go to a site that is last-minute only.
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I’ve used SkyScanner (or just Google flights) for this. NYT recommended apps for this a while back, too.
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21 days is actually right about the sweet spot for low prices before they start to ramp up. Any site will work. I used to like Kayak but Google Flights is so fast that it is much easier to spot the real deals. Bring up the calendar and wait for it to populate with prices.
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Aside from pricing Atlanta is the Delta HQ, so by that token you're well located to go just about anywhere.
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Google flights also has a map view that will show you the cheapest flights to all the airports on the map, which I've found very handy.
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Sign up for the free Scott's Cheap Flights mailing list and you'll get emails about unusually low airfares. It basically serves to highlight good deals in Google flights, I think.
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Airfare Watchdog's fares from a city feature is good for this.

They also have a service where they will email you cheap fares from your local airport on an ongoing basis.
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Seconding Scott's Cheap Flights! They send emails every day and almost all of the deals fly from Atlanta. I can't speak to the travel window, but many of the deals even include January.
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Check out Travelzoo. It has great deals.
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