Best shop for baking decorations in PDX
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Hi, just looking for the hive mind's input on which baking store in Portland should I go to for the following things: purple jimmies, purple sparkly chunky sugar, black gel icing, and some kind of cake adhesive to stick things on a cake. I am frustrated with goog/yelp and don't want to go to all the way to Beaverton or the like if there is a better option close by. Or, would I be better off just ordering on Etsy? Thank you!
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Try Michael's - looks like there's a few of them in Portland and they generally have a large baking supply/decoration section.
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MIchael's or Joann Fabrics.
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RIP the SE Foster Decorette shop!
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Best answer: While less convenient than the SE foster location, the Decorette shop still exists, just over in Beaverton. Blows regular hobby/craft stores out of the water in terms of baking supplies. They have some niche shit that's pretty exiting, and their staff is pretty knowledgable. My better half is a pretty serious home baker, and says that it is well worth the trip (but also to stock up, because yeah, beaverton is a pain in the ass to get to from certain parts of the city).
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Best answer: Michael's will likely have what you're looking for, but nthing making the trek to Decorette. They have good products, they will be able to make useful/practical suggestions, and they might inspire you to get some more stuff for future projects. It's a trek, but if you can go on a weekend, shouldn't be too bad. They might have other things which will inspire you. I miss the SE location but wasn't surprised it went under with Etsy/Amazon/etc. competing with them.
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Best answer: One more vote to crossing the hills for Decorette.
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Response by poster: Wow, the consensus gives me no other choice! I will go ahead and make the trip, sounds like it will be fun. :) Thanks!
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