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Somewhat improbably, I am going to Las Vegas for a work trip. Since I'm not really a gambler, I'd like to find a great spa where I can spend a day and experience another aspect of the OTT vibe. There are several dozen spas there, and I'm having trouble distinguishing them. Can anyone recommend a spa that offers a day pass (with treatment OK) and has a lot of good spaces to hang out in - pools, saunas, relaxation rooms, etc? Thanks!
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I have no specific knowledge but if it was me I'd look into Korean Day Spas as a way to narrow the search. They're my favorite.
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In the Venetian, you can get a day pass to Canyon Ranch, which to me was astonishingly luxurious - there are lots of different spaces to relax, plus fitness classes or treatments and a salon. I haven’t been to the hammam at the Cosmopolitan but I’m confident it would be spectacular as well.
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The Cosmopolitan is the one that used to be the Mandarin Oriental? That hammam is super.
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Janell, the former Mandarin is now the Waldorf Astoria - here’s their hammam.
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Ah right. Consider it recommended for a day visit.
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I do not recommend the spa at Aria in case that comes up in your research! Fine, but not really the luxury I was expecting.

However, I can vouch for the spa at Encore, which is incredibly luxe and beautiful (and where I had the best massage of my life).
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I've only been to the gym and pool, but from the cursory looking I've done, the Vdara has a pretty nice facility. I mention it only if you want it to be on the strip - the Vdara doesn't have a gaming floor so it's a very low key and relaxing place to be (it is my preferred place to stay - rates are pretty good; you get a value price rate with an Aria quality room).

But if I was picking blind, I'd say the Wynn/Encore because everything they do is near perfect (and Steve Wynn is fully divested at this point)
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Qua at Caesars. Qua Qua Qua. I've been going there for years. I have engineered stopovers through Vegas just to go to Qua. The price keeps going up, so it's like $60 for a day pass now, but it's worth it and a beautiful upgrade from your standard Korean spa. It's a huge complex. My favorite thing to do is move between the dry sauna and the ice cave, with breaks in the relaxation room and various jacuzzis and plunge pools. There's free tea, fruit, and pretzels. You could easily spend all day there.
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My wife LOVED the spa at Vdara. I think she went three times on a four day trip.
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