"We took it to the wine cooler repair place…"
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Hi, AskMe. We have a wine cooler in our kitchen which isn't, well, cooling. It's apparently not respecting its temperature setting. Where do we start to get this looked at?

We have a home warranty but the cooler is apparently not covered. I'm just wondering what kind of maintenance person we should look for, and how to know if we find a decent one? Doing this ourselves is probably not going to happen, as I'm blind and my mom isn't handy at all.
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The same guy that would fix the refrigerator. Don't call Bartles and James–those guys are worthless.
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a refrigeration company (residential)
some places require licensing for refrigeration mechanics/techs. use them if you can.
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Yes, a refrigerator tech can help. Before you call them, if you haven't already, pull the cooler out, unplug it, and and use a vacuum to clean the coils and any other dust buildup. This alone can solve a lot of refrigeration issues, and it's an easy 15-minute DIY.
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