Name that tune!
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What is the music in this quicktime movie? [embedded QT w/ audio-- duh.]

It's the trip-hoppy song that starts just after the opening titles. The person who created it mixed in some sampled dialogue, but the music is hauntingly familiar. Bands that spring to mind are Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, etc., but I don't know.
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Credits say it was composed by Noah Andrade. Usually "composed" means the piece is original and not sampled from something, but this could be a mistake.

You could always ask him.
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speicus beat me to it, but a quick google on the name Noah Andrade ("music combosed by") shows that he's an electronica/industrial composer... possibly linked to bands called Biotic Scarecrow, Delerious Anthem, or Pervert.
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I immediately thought it might be the work of The Books, but I guess I was wrong. Still, if you like this, you'd like them.
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