Can you identify this kids’ Egyptology themed puzzle adventure book?
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I was wondering if any MeFites could identify this Egyptologist/archaeologist-themed adventure book: I remember from the 1980s in the UK reading a really well done choose-your-own-path/kind-of-dotted-line maze book (mostly or completely illustration - there was little text.) Almost all paths led to sinister deaths/dooms for the Egyptologist characters because of a curse

More details:
It was a thin book with large pages.
It was English language I think - I didn’t know if it was UK or from another country). The maze/paths was very simple but there was some kind of puzzle element involved that I didn’t understand (I was maybe 7-9 years old ) but the illustration was impressive and stylized and told pretty exciting, eerie and macabre stories of cursed Egyptologists/archaeologists . You could choose amongst the paths of 3 or 4 Egyptologists/archaeologists / they were seeking some kind of Pharoah’s treasure in Egypt. All except 1 path (I think... I never found it ) for them led to various deaths and dooms because of the curse. I remember little ankhs and other symbols giving hints about the paths.

Does this remind anyone of anything? Thanks!!!
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I don't remember the exact book, but I've read/played similar puzzle/adventure books from Usborne Books. I don't own any of them anymore or I'd list some examples, but maybe that would be a place to start?
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The Usborne Puzzle Adventures book would be Curse Of The Lost Idol, but it doesn’t match the description given.
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It does sound like an Usborne Puzzle Adventure - The Pyramid Plot is also set in Egypt.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I loved the Usborne Puzzle Adventures books! But this book wasn’t part of that series. It’s possibly published by Usborne. But it had much less text than the Puzzle Adventure books and the whole book was one big puzzle/follow the dotted path maze rather than lots of different puzzles
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Was it a Graeme Base book by any chance? Possibly this one?
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I came across this 1985 book called “Maze” while looking for gifts for my niece and nephews. I don’t know what it looks like on the inside but maybe it fits the bill: Maze, by Christopher Manson
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Thanks! The Graeme Base book and the Maze book both look very fun... but they're not the one I remember.
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Possibly the original self-published version of Mummy Mazes?

Here's a sample image.
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Thanks! Mummy Mazes looks awesome but isn’t the one I remember
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I think you're looking for Treasure Trail by Heinz Kurth, published in 1985, one of four similar books: "Track It Yourself Adventures". The others were Terror Trail, Space Trail and Dinosaur Trail. I can't find a single image of Treasure Trail on the internet, astonishingly, but here's the cover of Dinosaur Trail, with enough of a familial resemblance to ring bells if I've got this right.

My brother and I had these - two each. They were excellent! Treasure Trail was one of my two, and I particularly remember the ankhs.
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YES!!!! That's the one - I didn't know it was part of a series! Thanks so much, ManyLeggedCreature, for identifying the book! And thank you, Zamboni, for pointing out the cover.
I'll have to try and track a copy down!
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