Where to find cotton gauze or muslin blankets for adults or big kids?
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I've been looking for a bigger version of the Aden and Anais dream blanket as my kid gets bigger (and also something I could use), but I've been having a hard time finding full size analogues. They do sell the oversized versions, but the patterns are too staid or bland for my tastes. Does anybody know of similar cotton gauze or muslin blankets in bolder colors or patterns that are sized for big kids or adults? Thanks!
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Check Etsy! They have listings when I search for "muslin blanket adult" but if you find one you like in a baby size, since it's likely handmade contact the seller to see if they can make you a bigger one.
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Eileen Fisher does an organic cotton gauze blanket or throw for Garnet Hill. I only see two colors right now but I think this changes by the season bc I’ve seen other colors in the catalog.
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Best answer: Little Unicorn has larger blankets.
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Best answer: Another search term you could use is dohar which is what they are known as in much of South Asia. (I have had my eye on one from Good Earth for a while now, but it is shipped from India so might be impractical for you)
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Best answer: Little Unicorn has wonderful “big kids” muslin blankets that my children love.
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