References for natural figure drawing poses
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I'm hoping to do more drawing in 2020, and "random pose generator" websites are great for practicing figure drawing daily. But I feel like the images in these libraries tend to be a little... divorced from reality?

The poses available on these websites tend to be kind of unusual and contorted, like someone lying with just their head flat on the floor with the rest of their body propped up against a wall. This is a good 'challenge' pose, probably, but I feel like these kinds of artsy images skip past like the entire range of poses that might come up in regular activities that I may someday want to depict in art (my desired application is more in the vein of comics/cartooning rather than creating thought-provoking images to hang on a wall).

Are there any similar libraries that specialize in poses that might have more practical application? Or other good tactics for gathering references? When I was practicing more seriously a few years back, I'd try pausing movies and TV shows to draw the characters/poses, but it can be time consuming and challenging to wait for the 'right' thing to draw without getting swept up in a show, and Netflix automatically dims the screen after it's paused for more than a few moments so it's not very convenient.
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Best answer: I use Pinterest for this, both for photo references as well as illustrated examples of character poses. Search for 'drawing reference pose' and you'll find plenty of practical poses for character art. You can further specify if you want photos only, male, female, standing, sitting, etc. The feed will be different each time you search again, so make sure you save anything you want to go back to.
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Best answer: Artist Noah Bradley has a website full of figure reference, of himself and his wife Rachel, specifically for artists. There are a bunch of paid sets, but they offer a few large-size freebies from each set as well.
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This is a very large collection of nude figure poses. Most are pretty natural and there are diverse body types and ages represented.
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