Co-op PC Games for LDR Couples?
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I'm looking for co-op PC games for a couple in a long-distance relationship to play together online/while talking on VOIP in between visits. Details about interests and machine specs below the fold.

She really likes pattern-matching/puzzle stuff like Kakuro (think Sudoku-with-math). Her laptop is about 3 years old and has an Intel integrated GPU (we think 520 but don't have it handy) and ~4gb RAM (maybe 8). She recently played some turn-based CRPGs and had fun with that. She thinks she might enjoy turn-based things more than timing-critical things.

He plays a lot of simulation games, and uses Player Unknown's Battlegrounds as a "blow-off-steam-while-yakking-with-friends-but-we're-not-actually-all-that-good" outlet. He has a pretty current graphics/gaming capable machine. He hasn't played much in the way of RPGs since PS2 era JRPGs, and Neverwinter Nights, but is generally on board with story-focused games. He also really likes most of Fizz's thoughtful gaming posts, and thinks old Rock Paper Shotgun was pretty great.

We both really enjoyed Jackbox party games, but those don't usually work with only two players. We've thought about online versions of card games/board games, but we're both pretty competitive and would prefer co-op things.

Any ideas what games we should look at playing together? Bonus for collaborative problem-solving and ability to look at / think about things before acting. We'd prefer to err on the side of "cute" rather than "OMG SO SRS."
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Strongly recommend Stardew Valley! Plan and run a farm together, fish, mine, get to know (or marry!) other townsfolk. Extremely cute, conducive to having other conversations while playing, low stress. Not particularly competitive but once you get the hang of it there are all kinds of ways to challenge yourself!
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Also came to say Stardew Valley.
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You could try playing on a Minecraft server together.
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Overcooked 2 is frantic fun, just double checked you can play over the internet. We've played together, and it's a few minutes of panic, then a few of planning a strategy, and repeat as you try again. Sometimes it all comes together, sometimes it's a hilarious failure.
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How about Portal 2’s co-op mode? It’s puzzle-based, and is pretty accessible even to people who aren’t experienced at 3D games. Should run just fine on an older laptop.
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We really enjoyed playing Stardew Valley and Factorio together. Factorio felt more co-operative somehow, it's low stress but feels like lots of problem solving. It's basically resource management, and I love it.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is now out on Steam. Sounds like it would tick all of your boxes and then some.
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Echoing mbrubeck
My favorite co op experience of the decade was Portal 2 with a friend. It ticks both the FPS and Puzzle boxes which is nice for both of you! Also fwiw the co-op is a different story and different set of puzzles than the single player, so even if one of you has already played through it solo it’s still a great suggestion.
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Sadly, I've found most co-op multiplayer options for non-hardcore gamers to be wanting, BUT if you're at all into crafting and exploration games, Terraria and Starbound are both a lot of fun, and it's easy for one person to do the heavy lifting and the other person to be into it for the experience.
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If you don't want to get into hosting a minecraft servers, plenty of streamers offer access to their server for a single-one time $5 payment via twitch. That is two of the ones I am on right now, I can give you names if you memail me
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