Kenmore suggestions (the place, not the appliances)?
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For Reasons, I will be spending some time in Kenmore over the next few months. Downtown Seattle it isn't, I realize. If you live on the north side of Lake Washington, what are your favorite things?

Funky shops, great restaurants, amazing bookstores, beautiful walks/parks, etc. would be great. Mostly I will likely use transit, with some availability of a car (hence not wanting Seattle rec's since that's a 90 min round trip by bus). Even just places that are useful to kill time in the evening when I'm not working would be great. I do not know the area at all, so avoid X area to avoid the crows or whatever tips are also appreciated. Thanks!
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McMenamins Anderson School in Bothel.

I get a guilty pleasure from going to The Keg Steakhouse in Kirkland.
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I haven't been in years, but when I was really into camera nerdery, Kenmore Camera was much more pleasant to deal with than Glazer's.
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You're joking about avoiding the crows, right? Because going to see the crows at sunset at UW Bothell is amazing (bring an umbrella, or at least a hat).

Hillcrest Bakery is an old-fashioned treat. The trail is great for walking or biking or playing Pokemon Go, and Bothell Bike and Ski has rentals. KCLS has branches there. If you're into archery or guns, there's an outdoor range. Kenmore has a great CERT class if you'd like to pick up some emergency prep skills (it's fine to take even if you don't plan on living there long).
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Best answer: Anderson School is terrific. Went to a wedding there a few months ago, and had a grand time. I didn't stay the night, but the descriptions of breakfast were mouthwatering.

There's a board-game cafe called Zulu's.

Juanita has a beach park; downtown Kirkland also has a nice waterfront to visit. (Also the best Cigar shop in the area, the Tobacco Patch.)

Kenmore has a few breweries as well as Micro Homebrew, a homebrew supply store, which covers most of your home-fermentation needs.

Kenmore has the home port of Kenmore Air, a small, float-plane-based airline, can fly you on a tour of the area, or fly you to Seattle (Lake Union, with easy access to light rail to downtown, or the 40 bus), or to Vancouver.

Kenmore is the eastern terminus of the Burke-Gilman Trail, the 27-mile long trail, a paved-over railroad right-of-way, which runs down the west side of Lake Washington, around the University of Washington Campus, and then along the north side of Lake Union, and the ship canal, to Ballard somewhere around Golden Gardens park on Puget Sound. (Except for a gap in Ballard where it's just city streets, to the tremendous chagrin of locals.) Don't want to go west? Well, where the B-G ends in Kenmore, there begins the Sammamish River Trail, which heads 10 miles through Woodinville and Redmond to Marymoor Park on the north end of Lake Sammamish. Bike or walk, as you please.

Back in Kenmore, there's also a West Riverside Drive Trail on the river (0.75miles) and the 4.18mi North Creek Trail (splitting from the Sammamish) which heads up into the Snohomish County area of Bothell.
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The Worst Day 5K is on January 4th and is fun, and you get beer at the end.
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Check out Diva Espresso at the Kenmore Hanger, and Seaplane Kitchen and Barn. The Guest House--on Juanita Drive--is great for brunch, especially before/after a hike or mountain bike ride in St. Edward State Park and adjoining trails in Big Finn Park.

Kenmore is also home to a few fun brewpubs, all adjacent to each other: Cairn Brewing, Nine Yards, and 192 Brewing. You'll want to visit McMenamins' Anderson School in Bothell, as others have noted. Great little movie theater onsite at Anderson School, as well.

I get a guilty pleasure from going to The Keg Steakhouse in Kirkland.

Alas, the Keg has rolled its last barrel of fun. This location is closed, claimed by my kid's school and converted into classrooms. In fact, I believe the Lynnwood location is the only remaining Keg in town. End of an era, for sure.
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Stop at Kidd Valley for a burger and milkshake.
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I haven't been to this location, but when they were in Shoreline the pizza at LFP's Local 104 was amazing (they were called Blasphemy Pizza then).
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The Cozy Tavern is among my favorite dive bars, with a great view of the water from their deck (best in the summertime obviously).

Bothell is nearby and is actually pretty happening these days. The Bine on Main Street is a great pub with a huge beer list.

My favorite liquor store is in Proper & Ernest in Woodinville, well worth a visit if you're in search of a special bottle.

If you're into bicycling, there are now bike paths across both the bridges on Lake Washington, enabling you to make loops of different lengths for half-day or full day adventures.

Funny you should mention crows, in the winter you will see them flocking from all over at dusk to roost on the University of Washington Bothell campus. Worth visiting for the surreality.
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Response by poster: Y'all are awesome - signed up for the run this weekend, and have planned some other local pilgrimages for this week and beyond. Much appreciated!
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