Alternatives to Parsec for Cloud Gaming/streaming?
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Hi All, I've used Parsec for cloud gaming with friends, but have recently been having weird trouble with it and wondered what alternatives people might recommend. A few snowflakes are inside.

I used to use Parsec for its provided cloud PC service, but that's being discontinued, and never really worked all that reliably anyway. The most critical features for me were the ability of my friends to connect to my PC without major fuss, and control my mouse and keyboard. I appreciated this system because it was literally a PC in the cloud, and I could install screen reading software and the like on it, which I needed for my gaming accessibility work.

I got a new laptop recently and Parsec supports streaming from it natively, but has continued to have weird performance issues, including lockups every so often which make it really annoying to use, hence my search for alternatives.

I'm curious what gamers and cloud computing people of MeFi might recommend. I don't particularly care if I'm accessing a remote PC or streaming my local machine, as long as the connection works reliably for everyone and I don't have to constantly wonder whether it will decide to not behave any given day. Thanks for any and all ideas :)
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I have used Steam's new Remote Play feature to play co-op games by steaming my local PC to three friends with reasonable success. You do need a great internet connection on the host PC though.
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I'm unclear as to whether the use case here is sharing your screen with several other people, concurrently controlling a single desktop session with several other people, or both at different times?
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