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It's time for another episode of Yell Out Website Name Ideas (drawing and writing edition)

I've enjoyed the suggestions for website names in the past, and I am having a mental block on what to name a new project I'm working on.

The premise of the website is a collection of sparsely illustrated short verses/poems, primarily intended for kids but hopefully appealing to the adults reading to them. A friend will create an illustration and send it to me. I'll quickly write a bit of text/verse, then post it to a website. The subject matter and style will range greatly. The idea is for both of us to have some fun, and practice our skills. If we also build a regular audience of people who enjoy the results, that's nice too.

If you are familiar with "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein, you probably get the idea of the format we're going for. We'd probably post two or three times a week.

Usually I am overflowing with name ideas for sites, and one or two of them are sometimes pretty good. But I have nothing for this one. Partly because I am not sure what terms describe the project well. It's not quite a webcomic, not quite stories; more like poems or verses, but to me those don't evoke the idea that there are illustrations.

Any thoughts? Something somewhat descriptive or just make up a fun word? Having the .com available is always nice but not a dealbreaker for me in this case.
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Where the Sidewalk Begins
Pix and Clix
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Some kind of play on the word "hopscotch."
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This is a tough one. If I were you, I'd find some sort of identity beyond just a silly domain name.

For example, look through books/websites/wikipedia about Myths and Legends. Find a cool old mythical animal like a Baselisk and call the site that. Then you'll also be able to draw (or have the artist draw) a cool logo.
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I love torystime. It's too bad that it is not entirely clear that it is pronounced tory-stime instead of torys-time.

I don't think it's possible to encapsulate exactly what the site/project is in a word or two, so you might as well pick a word/phrase you like and go with it, even if it has nothing to do with anything. Here's a freebie: Dirigible.
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If you don't take yourself too seriously:
DogRoll (lends itself to a cute visual, too)
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sorry, should have previewed. oh well, you get it.

I like the and ones... I think and are also available... you might want to get both.
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Poetry terminology-derived

Odds (somebody parked the .com)

posted by junesix at 5:43 PM on March 9, 2006 (A little Macbeth never hurt nobody!) (a sister site!) (smithwick is a (good) beer)

Lots of websites have numbers in the title these days. It's the swoosh of the web 2.0 generation (30boxes, 43things, 9rules, 5ives, 37signals)... so you could embrace this. Or make fun of it.

14minutes (average time a kid is read to before falling asleep)
7plusorminus2 (average number of "items" a person can keep in his or her head at a given time)
9times (number of times ferris bueller skipped school)

I once found a url that was amazing and awesome and totally not memorable. It was something like: (that's "el" dash dash dash... "el" dot com)
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thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'll let them percolate tonight and see what happens tomorrow.

Making fun of Web 2.0 is tempting, but probably not worth the effort (but I like numbers and might use them anyway, especially "2" since there are two of us working on the site).
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darn, that's good.

that site should exist regardless.
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