Seeking a small bag that I can't lose
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I had a small pouch that I fill with those little things (tissues, pills, lipstick, etc) that I could just move from one bag to another. And I lost it. I need another, but I think one with a clip that I can attach to my bag would be better. Does anyone know where I can get one?

I need a small bag with a clip that I can attach to the inside of my regular shoulder bag. My googling is bringing up canvas bags meant for tools - those are too large and too thick. Something in nylon with a strap that ends with a clip/carabiner would be ideal. Does such a thing exist? And where can I get it?
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Tom Bihn has a number of little accessories bags that might work.
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I'm a huge fan of mesh Walker bags for this (and many other purposes).
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Lots of cosmetic bags have straps, and you could probably just hook any ol' carabiner to the strap. Another good search term would be wristlet.
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How about the smallest of these.
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I second the recommendation for Tom Bihn's accessory bag. I use one of these clear organizers to carry my essentials (floss, lip balm, battery, aspirin, USB stick, pen, small flashlight, etc.). I use a short clip strap to attach it to the inside of whatever larger bag I'm carrying. Works like a charm.
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The Tom Bihn bags are great and bulletproof, but if you don't need something quite as robust or want something lighter on the wallet, I've got the Baggu Go pouches for exactly the same purpose. They've got a little loop on the side, and I clip an extra-long key strap that I attach to another loop inside my bag.

And if you don't like the prints, just wait a little bit. I think Baggu is going to start rolling their spring prints in soon.
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You might try a chalk bag....
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I followed all the links and ended up spotting this. Bag with clip on the way.
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