Should I plan an alternate route down the 5 into Los Angeles?
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I guess it's going to snow in Gorman today. Do I need to plan to take an alternate route around the Grapevine?

I have AWD but not snow tires, and that's not even considering the fact that the 5 might be closed altogether. What do you think? And which route should I take if not the 5?
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Best answer: Is it? Accuweather says a low of 35 and rain. Maybe some snow Wednesday.

If you want to follow up-to-the-minute conditions Caltrans does a good job online. Start here to find resources, you're interested in district 6 (Kern County) and 7 (LA). Their Twitter accounts are often good. The webcam map is also a big help for seeing both weather and traffic.
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Best answer: If you need an alternate route, From Bakersfield take 58 to Mojave,then 14 South until you reach the 5.
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58 to 14 South might not be better, having to cross the Tehachapis and still the San Gabriel Mountains.

Not sure where your starting point is, but a lower elevation path to the southbound 101 in the west is the least snow prone. Routes east of I 5 to LA ( 395 to I15) might be worst of all. Getting to 395 could be extremely difficult.

Make sure you have a full tank of gas before hitting the snow prone areas. Worst that'll happen is CHP closes the freeway, in which you can get stuck for hours. Snow tires aren't much of a thing here, but the CHP sometimes demands snow chains.
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Take SR 33 to ventura or SR 166 to US 101 at Santa Maria . leave the 5 at the bottom of the Gorman pass for SR 166 , exit I 5 at Coalinga for SR33, the road to taft is a dystopian landscape however the segment from cuyama to Ojai is an absolute blast of a drive and no trucks beautiful twisty coastal mountain road , posted speed limits are very safe , 166 daytime headlight law.
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