Can my pregnant wife use these beauty products?
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YANMD. We've just discovered we're pregnant and my wife is going through her cosmetics to figure out what she can and can't keep using. Internet has been most helpful thus far, but some we have not been able to ascertain. Products listed below. Any ideas?

The products in questions are:

- Dr.Jart+ BB Dia-A-Pore SPF 30 PA++

- Dr.Jart+ Teatreement Moisturized Hydratant

- Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Pore Foam

- Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel with active charcoal intense deep cleanse face mask

- Boots Tea & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask

Bonus: any tips for dealing with first trimester acne explosion?
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It really depends on your risk tolerance. The only skincare products I would say are clear cut AVOID are accutane (FDA schedule X, proven can cause birth defects) and personally I avoid all retinol and retinol derivatives when pregnant or breastfeed because of their structural similarity to vitamin A.

Beyond that, there are some things people avoid out of caution because we’re just not sure - chemical sunscreen is one of them (first product on your list has octinaxate, which is a chemical sunscreen), some also recommend avoiding essential oils because they can have unknown physiological effects, so that MIGHT include the tea tree oil products. I personally did not avoid chemical sunscreen or small amounts of essential oils in products.

This article might be helpful.
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From my experience, I will suggest to not use any anti-acne pills during pregnancy. For instance, Accutane causes birth defects and even miscarriage.
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I use a lot of Korean skincare but not the ones you listed. I have also been pregnant and I used very similar things during my pregnancy. I would use what you listed. Here is an article from SokoGlam who specialise in Korean skincare that may help put your mind at ease.

The only things I avoided were acids (AHA, BHA, etc).

I’m very sorry about your acne. It’s all the hormones going crazy. Hopefully it will ease off in your second trimester just like my nausea did.
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I can’t answer the questions about specific products but you and your wife should read (and keep a copy of) Expecting Better by Emily Oster.
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I used BHA acid occasionally during pregnancy and I think it contributed to my (postpartum and ongoing) hyperpigmentation. So I would avoid all acids.
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