Help me find a song!
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My local station 92.9 kuzu played a song on thursday night and I can't find out what it is! I've looked on their website, and I've googled the lyrics and still can't figure it out. You amazing people find songs like no one else so I'm turning to you.

Lyrics I'm 99% sure about: if the worlds going to end let's it right here. It was a woman singing. There might have been a guy singing with her. It is not JP Saxe featuring Julia Michaels. The genre is folky country, it sounded like music you'd hear in a bar in rural texas. Please help me get this song in my head.
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"if the worlds going to end let's it right here" It seems like one or more words are missing in your snippet.
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Do you know what show it was on? The host of Blame it All on My Roots posts set lists on Facebook, and I would imagine other hosts might do something similar. If you know what time it was, you could look at the schedule and try to figure out the show, and then try googling the individual show to see if the playlists are available.
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Sorry if this is too obvious, but it’s worked for me several times. Have you tried calling or emailing the station to ask?
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Any chance it's 21st of December?
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Most radio stations have a playlist. Just call the station, tell them when you were listening (if you can identify the quarter-hour, all the better) and ask them what the song was. From their schedule, they've got specific programs from early evening until midnight, so if you know what time you listened, you can ask to speak to the specific producer for the show for that time period. (They may not be on-staff during regular hours; you'll likely leave a message.) If it was after midnight, and it was just regular programming, someone should be able to consult the playlist (a document) or even possibly the air check (a digital recording of everything that went out over the air).
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Carnifex? Has those lyrics but not the genre!
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