How to buy a Coleman Mini Bike in WA
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What’s the easiest way to buy a Coleman Mini Bike, if I live in Seattle? Apparently they won’t ship to Washington.

My partner wants one of these bikes- specifically this brand, and ideally right now, because they’re on sale. Tractor Supply sells them in other states, and used to sell them in WA, but the company won’t ship to WA or OR stores now because you can’t ride them on WA streets. He’s called a bunch of Tractor Supply stores and the company’s customer service line to no avail. He says he can’t find any other companies that sell them other than Tractor Supply. We’re considering driving elsewhere to get one—maybe Canada or Idaho—but would love other ideas.
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There is a used one on Craigslist located in Maple Valley.
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Also, if used doesn't work, can you have a friend in another state buy it for you and arrange shipping?
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