To Salt or not To Salt...
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I'm making this Sweet Potato Casserole for Christmas dinner next week. The recipe doesn't specify whether to use salted or unsalted butter. (I'm able to buy either). What do you think?
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The recipe already calls for salt so I would go with unsalted butter if I had it. I wouldn't make a trip to specifically get unsalted butter for the recipe though.
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With only half a teaspoon of salt for 4 cups of sweet potato, I’m pretty darn sure that recipe is underseasoned.

That said, salted butter to unsalted butter is just a conversion of 1/4 tsp per stick of butter. So, you could equivalently get salted butter or add 1/8 tsp for the 4 tablespoons of butter.

I’d use unsalted butter, then use more like a teaspoon of salt instead of half a teaspoon.
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I think of salted as the default. If you're dubious, you could always add everything but the salt and taste it before putting it in the pan, and adjust accordingly.
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Even if it's meant to be sweet, a little extra salt is great with sweet, so I'd use salted.
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For such a small volume of butter relative to the sweet potatoes, I don’t think it really matters.

Personally, if I wasn’t going to be doing any other baking, I’d buy and use salted butter, because I prefer salted butter on my toast and that’s where the rest of the butter would go.
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There's no real standard on how salty salted butter is, so recipes generally will use unsalted butter and then ask you to add your own salt in a specific amount. If it says otherwise fine, but assume unsalted is the default.

That said, a lot of the time you can get away with either and still land within normal parameters of saltiness.
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I would use salted butter and add extra salt. This recipe sounds cloyingly sweet and unbalanced as written. Adding more salt will improve it greatly.
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Salted butter and unsalted butter differ by more than salt. Unsalted butter is typically fresher in the store, because salt acts as a mild preservative. Unsalted butter is also generally a little higher in butter fat. This can be important for some pastries, such as, puff pastry. When butter is a major part of the flavor, I really like to use unsalted butter and usually a premium butter. I mean, in a sugar cookie don't you want the best butter flavor you can get?

That said, for most recipes, it won't make a fail-or-succeed difference. Don't worry about it.
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Salted butter is for eating, e.g. spread on rolls, etc. Unsalted is for cooking.
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Thanks folks!
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I literally never use unsalted butter and I am generally known as an excellent cook and baker.
But if you don't believe me David Lebovitz agrees!
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