Help me grown-up chair?
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I'm looking for a proper office chair that won't kill my hips or back when I spend 10+ hours a day sitting in it. I'm 5'2", use a corner desk, on a fairly matted down shag carpet. The chair will also be used often to transport me from my bedroom where I work to other locations in the house for the occasional outing. 99% of my time is in my room, 75% of my awake time will be in this chair. Max budget $300.
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You’re looking for an Aeron. You can buy them used on eBay for about $300 - $500.
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I've had great luck with the HON Exposure, it's super adjustable and comfy.

A few caveats: it does require assembly, which was a little trickier than I thought. Also, you mentioned a carpet, so I would also recommend getting a chair mat, and the bigger the better. My chair was on a carpet and it took me exactly 24 hours to realize I needed a mat or my chair life was going to suck.
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Agree you want an Aeron. I have a miserable back and it causes me zero pain. It’s amazing. Also I’ve had mine for 18 years and it’s like new, so don’t be afraid to go over budget if necessary and possible.
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I would prefer not to sit on my (newer-gen) Aeron for 10+ hours a day. I wouldn't want to sit on any chair for 10+ hours a day, but if I had to, it's one of the better options for the price, assuming you don't want a stool or something. This page lands on the Aeron as well, and bonus, talks about mitigation strategies.

Active seating is trendy now; the Hag Capisco Puls is... a little more standard? Still could be pretty tiring / initially uncomfortable.
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Set up a Craigslist alert for "Steelcase Leap v2" - you will inevitably find one second hand for $200 or less. Great chair - personally I prefer them to Aeron, but YMMV.
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If you're willing to spend $100 more I can attest that this Amazon Renewed Steelcase Leap worked well for me and was hassle-free to procure.
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I bought this Hyken chair from Staples almost 7 years ago when I started working from home. I sit in it all day, every day and I still love it. It’s easily in your budget.
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I have a Steelcase (not the Leap), and I love it. Steelcase and Aeron are the two brands you want to be looking at, for sure.
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I like my Ikea LÅNGFJÄLL, except the safety wheels that don't work very well -- I'm planning to replace those so it rolls better when I'm not sitting on it.
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Are you near anywhere where you could try the chairs in person? I vote for a used Aeron because they come in sizes. I'm 5" with shortish legs and could just about get away with the b size at my old job. Do you have any problems with office chairs being too tall for your feet to sit comfortably on the floor even on the lowest seat height? That's usually the problem for me and foot rests aren't very comfortable.
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I'm also 5'2". If you do go with the Aeron (might not be the healthiest of chairs, but has a nice tilt and rock to it, and it rolls really well), go with the small size (A). Sizing makes a huge difference at our height.
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Hag capisco for the win for short people.
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Right, forgot to mention that I am 5'0" and my Aeron is a small.
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As a fellow short person, I highly recommend getting a footrest as well. Usually the right chair height for your legs (which significantly impacts your lower back) is too low for most desks. Generally speaking, you want your thighs to be close to parallel to the ground like so. It's physically impossible to do that and get your upper body in the right position without a footrest if your legs are short and you have a standard height desk. I have this one at work - there are cheaper ones but I like that it's not awful looking and doesn't make noise when you adjust the angle.
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I'm also here to suggest considering your desk too; at 5'2, I would love it if I could get a shorter desk at work.
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