Emerging Storage and Networking Technologies for the Enterprise
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Which emerging enterprise-level storage and networking technologies are likely to become commercially viable by 2010?
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In the area of networking technology, I think you have to be looking at WiMax, particularly as Intel rolls out cost effective client side silicon, finally. Standards bodies have made good progress in the last couple of years, and the mobile version spec is shaping up. Expect competitive shakeout against dedicated cellular voice technology over the next couple of years, but whether or not phone networks go WiMax, for data applications, it's a no brainer, and a far better means of achieving wireless convergence than any other route with present significant industry backing.
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I don't know, but I would expect that anything that is going to rise to "enterprise-level" in the next 4 years is likely already being proven out in more niche applications.
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10 gigabit Ethernet
4 and 10 gigabit Fibre Channel (forget 8 Gbit; costs about the same as 10 Gbit)
For channel extension: Fibre Channel over SONET/SDH via GFP (transparent and framed), and FCIP.
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