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Have you ever bought furniture from Eurway?

I'm thinking about purchasing a sofa from Eurway ( - the prices are good, alot of their furniture has a nice, clean modern aesthetic and there's an incredible special on free shipping right now which will save hundreds of dollars.

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried out their sofas - are they comfortable and built well? What about their other furniture? I was unable to find much information about them on the web and their only locations are in Texas, far from where I am.
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My first roommate and I bought several items of furniture from Eurway 6.5 years ago—sofa, kitchen table, desk, bed. I think the sofa is still in pretty good shape after that long. The laminate table and desk are easily scratchable, especially when moving, just as all laminate items are. Their beds really aren't built to be assembled more than once and we have had some problems with warped boards.

So yeah, I would have no trouble buying a sofa there, but would think twice about other stuff.
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I bought some chairs from them a year ago, from their store in Dallas. The wrong chairs were delivered to us originally but they took them back without question and gave us the right ones. We like them fine. They get light use, since they're in our formal dining room, but seem reasonably constructed.
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I've bought a lot of items from the Dallas store with no problems. I had a sleeper loveseat that held up for at least 8 years before I gave it away.

I don't think you can differentiate on comfort based on the item being from Eurway. Some people want soft cushions, others want firm. Some want higher arms so they can lean on them, others want low arms so they can sleep. Maybe you can specify certain items you're interested in and someone can try them at a local store and give you a review.
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I liked the things I bought there. They were cheaply made (plastic dresser pulls instead of metal — but you can replace those anyway), but they all lasted a long time.
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