You Saddle the Rat and I'll Jump On
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At some point on the 70's or 80's I read a book in which one of the characters learned the order of the Gospels by memorizing the following phrase: "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, you saddle the rat and I'll jump on." Where is it from?

I remember literally nothing else about the book, not even genre (although given my reading preferences it is likely either a horror or science fiction novel). I thought maybe I had invented the memory, but now one other person says they remember the phrase as well. Literally the only Google result is when I blogged about it two years ago.

Has anyone else in the world ever heard this phrase? What the heck is it from???
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While I can't help on the book, the phrase is a modified parody of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
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Ooh, that’s helpful! I have an English friend who might recognize this...
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I definitely remember reading this phrase in a kids’ chapter book in the 80s! I’ll keep thinking about which book it might have been!
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I remember that too!! I think that was from a series of books called "The Great Brain" by John Dennis Fitzgerald, about some kids growing up in Utah in the 1890s. Does that sound familiar to you?
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I found a couple of examples of people using a similar phrase: an Imgur comment and a blog post.

It does seem like the kind of thing that could be in one of the Great Brain books, but I read all of them to my kids not that many years ago and I don't recall coming across it.
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I have heard it too (and grew up in the 70s/80s), though with a slight variation: "You saddle a rat and I'll hop on." I can't remember the book but my memory has a vintagy feel to it, as though the book characters would have been in the past, and that this would have been an old-fashioned rhyme.
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If it wasn't The Great Brain, did it maybe come from "The Dark is Rising" series by Susan Cooper? I remember those books had little bits of verse at the beginning of each one, and the characters were children who may have been learning/saying a little rhyme like that.

Those stories were fantasy genre, but there was a Christianity element that was central to the whole thing, and it's possible that some reference to the New Testament could have been made that way.
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I am so relieved to see other references that specifically say “rat” and not “horse”. I was afraid my brain had made that bit up.
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I'm so relieved that somebody else in the world remembers this! As soon as I read the title of your post I knew exactly what you were talking about, but I had almost convinced myself that it was something I had picked up in day care VBS when I was little...
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Could it be The Bad Times of Irma Baumlein? She visited a friend's house who had brothers with those names. I'll try to find it and confirm.
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Here it is.
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Wow! That has to be it. I have no idea why I would have read that particular book. Given the year it was published, and that there was a Scholastic edition, I would be willing to bet that I had a grade school teacher with that book on the shelf in their classroom. Around that age I would literally read *anything*, especially if it kept me from having to talk to other people. On that count I haven't changed much in the past forty or so years...

Thank you so much!
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Wonderful! I have no memory of reading that book, but now I want to get a copy of it and see if it will come back to me. Thank you!!!
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You're welcome! Definitely a Scholastic purchase from my heavy reading days. You can check out an online version at the Internet Archive.
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I definitely remember that passage but have no memory of that book title and would never have come up with it. Thanks mefireader for saving me from a sleepless night.
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