How to move music from old iphone 6 to new iphone 11?
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My old iphone 6 is on its last legs. I just bought a new iphone 11, only to learn that all the music I have on my old phone -- ripped from my CDs ten years or so ago -- does not make it through the update process. Is there a third-party program I can put on my MacBook (MORE INSIDE)

Is there a third-party program I can put on my MacBook that will suck the music out of my old phone and expel it into my new phone? (And the process may be simpler than that, in that I apparently have all my old music on my MacBook too; it just doesn't seek to want to go anywhere.)
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Response by poster: It's me again -- I should have added: Is there a program that you would recommend that is unlikely to put viruses or something similarly damaging into my electronics? Thanks.
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What do you mean it doesn't seem to want to go anywhere?
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If you're not on the newest version of MacOS (Catalina), the process would be to import the music into iTunes, and then sync with your phone, making sure the "Sync Music" checkbox is checked in iTunes for your iPhone settings.
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And if you are using Catalina, you can still do this it's just a little more complicated.
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iMazing will do this.
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How did you put the music on your iPhone 6 in the first place? Do you not still have the MP3s on a computer somewhere?
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