Pocket-sized family games (non electric)
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I'm looking for a game that: fits in my pocket (or my partner's purse); can be played by 2, 3, or 4 players; and is suitable for a 9-year-old. Bonus points if it doesn't require a table so we can play it while sitting on a bus. (And just to be clear, I'm looking for physical games, not apps or handheld electronics.) What pocket-sized family games do you love?
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Have not played it, but they are reviewed well and are the size of a pack of gum: Pack-O Games.
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Hive is great, although it might be a bit tricky on a bus.
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I keep Spot It in my purse; there are variations that you can play with lots of space or little space and it's pretty great for all ages. My son is 11 and we play it waiting at restaurants and waiting rooms.

I've also brought Uno, which does require the draw and discard piles.

And with a regular deck of cards, my friends and I developed a way to play the game Scat entirely handheld. Just make the discard pile the bottom of the draw pile, and someone holds it face up in their hand. So you're looking at the last discard, and to draw you take from the bottom of the handheld deck.
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Small pad of paper and pencil for playing "Exquisite Corpse," tic-tac-toe, sketching, or just passing notes.
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We had the grown-up version of this magnetic word game. Fun for killing a little time, and very pleasing in a tactile way. There's an arithmetic one, too.
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An ordinary pack of playing cards allows for a bunch of games, though you need room for one pile of cards (usually). I used to love playing crazy eights, which requires two piles (damned iPad wants to make that “pikes,” what is it with autowreck anyway?) but there are lots of simple fun card games and you can get a pack of cards almost anywhere—including most U. S. hardware stores.
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Should be able to find some good ideas on lists like these, but I would suggest Love Letter.
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We have the regular version but I think the travel version of Farkle fits your requirements.
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When I was a kid I had a travel edition of Trouble that was perfect for trips without a table.
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If playing cards are acceptable, keeping a 3"x5" card, a golf pencil, and a deck of cards means you can play Cribbage anywhere. My kids all learned by age 9. Here's a handy scoring card to print and fold into the deck: https://cribbage.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/cribbage-scoring-aid/

And until they are ready for Cribbage, you can still play simpler games.
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This won't work for everyone, but I have a box of "original" Rory's Story Cubes that I keep in my bag.

Once in a while -- like at a coffee shop -- I will remember to not open my phone for brainless surfing. Instead I take out the nine little dice and roll them, then arrange them in a row to tell a very simple fairy tale story.

That's it: this is all that they are for, and they're a ton of fun. There are suggestions and rules online at https://www.storycubes.com/en/comment-jouer/
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With pen and an index card, you can play multiple games of dots. I played this a lot as a kid. It's a little more strategic than tic-tac-toe. You can make the grid as large as you want, depending on how much time you're killing.
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We’ve done Tell Tale like this. You only need a couple of cards out at a time, the rate of swapping/drawing is slow, and if you drop or lose a card it doesn’t ruin the whole deck.
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Yes to StoryCubes. These were well used when my kids were younger.
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Gamelyn Games makes Tiny Epic a "series of small box approachable board games that deliver far more than the box size would suggest. Featuring easy entry rule sets along with high strategy and a small foot print." The box size (7" x 4.75") makes them super portable, but not bus playable.

I just got Tiny Epic Tactics from their KickStarter for my nephews and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun.
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Love Letter.

Simple bluffing and logic card game with only 16 cards in the "deck", comes in a little travel bag, huge hit with my 9 year old niece and 11 year old nephew but also a huge hit with adults.

They've since moved up to Coup, but Love Letter still gets brought out on a regular basis cause its just so dang portable.
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Sushi Go is probably tricky to do on a bus but great otherwise. A good old fashioned game of Spoons is similar as well, although again, not bus material.

I think Exploding Kittens could work on a bus.

This meta list of lists of small/portable games might be a good source of information as well.
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A little pad of paper and a pencil is good for Dots, Hangman, Ghost, Jotto, etc.
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Fluxx. There are different themed decks, but I like the original.
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Zombie Dice is really fun and juuuust enough above brainless that you can stay engaged, with enough luck that you don’t feel bad if you lose. All you need is the 13 dice, so you could transfer those to a smaller container to make it pocket-size.
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Not on a moving bus, but Pass the Pigs.
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Hi! I love these games!

Zombie Dice is a great idea.
So is Farkle - we count outloud and yell "Farkle!" if it runs out. You just need dice and a pad of paper.
With cards, "Oh Hell" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh_Hell is amazing, we play with teams of two and a scorepad. It's good for a few hours each game, but a table is best.
"A fake artist goes to new york" is great as well, and very small. You need a table.
The best car game is "Outburst" which is amazing for 4-50 players. I believe the latest version is 2016, but most of the categories don't change much over time. You can take a stack of cards to make it pocket sized.
Love letter is a fantastic option basically made for this.

I know you said no electronics, but one board game was made into a little website. Spyfall at spyfall.adrianocola.com is a lot of fun, everyone on their own phone. All it does is tell you a role and a location, spy or not. The spy has to bluff and pretend they are one of the main people! I've had hours of fun at 3 players, but it's best with at least 4.
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Hanabi requires a surface but is small and fits the rest of your criteria I think. It's a cooperative card game where your group is trying to play cards in a particular order. The twist is that you can't see your own hand; each turn you either give a hint to someone else or play/discard a card out of your hand.
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We love Quiddler, which is like playing Scrabble but with rummy rules. We also love Set, which is sort of a logic test.
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2 copies of Are You a Robot from Looney Labs. I'm an awful robot and always give it away with my opinions on humans.
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Thank you, everybody! This is a fantastic list and will keep us occupied a long time. I've just ordered Love Letter to start off with, and I'm looking forward to working my way through the other suggestions.
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