Sex toys for the dimunitive
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Need a great sex toy for a (cis) woman who finds regular hits too big

My partner has an old school Hitachi magic wand that she loves. Our search for additional toys to add to her arsenal hasn't gone great. A friend suggested the wevibe for couple's play; too big for comfort. Same thing went for the rabbit vibe. I'd like to surprise her this season with an awesome new toy. What is the best out there, given her past experiences? Are the new(er) breed of direct clitoral simulators like the satisfier any good? What about the funfactory Volta? I would ideally like something under $100 but can splurge for something special.

Help me make her holiday season extra fun this year!
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I've been really happy with the Lelo Sona. It's currently selling for $99 on their website.
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I second the Lelo brand!
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You might take a look at to see if they have any info. A quick look didn't find anything specific but it was a very quick look.
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Are the new(er) breed of direct clitoral simulators like the satisfier any good?

Well, the missus has always had hard to find her O. Based on the recommendation of the How Cum podcast, we got this one. The first time she tried it, she went into high orbit in under a minute. So...yeah, they work. And how!
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For someone who likes wands and not insertion, I'd recommend the Pom, which is a soft, flexible, squished-oval-shaped vibrator that you cup in the palm of your hand. It's got a strong motor and gives a rumbly-vibrations-over-a-wide-area feeling similar to the head of a wand, but you can use it in a more spontaneous way that's closer to how you'd touch yourself/someone else without a toy. Currently $95, which is just barely under your limit.
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Nthing the Lelo Sona. Hoo boy.
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babeland, good vibrations and the pleasure chest all have sections/filters on their sites where one can choose by diameter
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I love neither the manufacturer's name nor the toy's 17 patterns -- as reviewer Betty Butch so eloquently put it, "For the love of all things good and gay, just pick the best five patterns and call it a day"* -- but everything else about the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Mini ($69.99) really, really rocks.

Its name is misleading: It's too big (4 inches long, 1 inch in diameter) to go into vibrating dildos, butt plugs, etc. But it charges fast, holds a charge, and offers a quiet yet rumbly and surprisingly powerful vibration that got me where I wanted to go at a surprising speed. It's made of a velvety silicone, and you can get it in black as well as in sex-toy standard bright pink, turquoise, and purple. Betty says the Ultra Bullet is the bullet vibe that made their partner like bullet vibes.

* To which a commenter endearingly responded: "I'm going to take up cross-stitching just so I can frame that."
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Agree with virago above. What you want is an Ultra bullet from Good Vibrations.
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WeVibe Tango, hands down.
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I was scouting toys, too. Epiphora likes the Volta, which kinda surprised me given her other faves.
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