Best ad/pr agency team resource planning template
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There are lots of tools available for this (10K feet, etc), but I am looking for a free excel-based template that I can use to track my team's (<10 people) billable/non-billable hours, by client, on a bi-weekly basis. Does it exist? Can you share? Hope me!
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I think we need a bit more info on what you're looking for, and why setting up just a simple excel spreadsheet isn't meeting your needs.

Do you want each team member to input their own info? Are they doing it live, as they have the hours, or are they tracking it somewhere else and sending it to you to input? Are there separate projects for a single client, or multiple projects billed separately? Are you billing the client bi-weekly as well, or is this just for payroll purposes?

Why not look at a timecard program? I've been super happy with the free version of TrackingTime, but this is just for me. Ask MetaFilter has some other recommendations.
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