Searching for the quietest electric tea kettle
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I would like to purchase an electric tea kettle for an open area within my office. Because people work in this space, I'd like the electric tea kettle to be as quiet as possible. I've checked Wirecutter, but they didn't mention noise in their write ups -- and the "quietest tea kettle" search on Google yields a bunch of SEO sites that don't look like they've actually tried the kettles in question. Hence this question: Do you personally have a very quiet tea kettle or have used one in the past? What is it?
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Best answer: Both the Braun and Bodum (get the Braun) electric tea kettle (fill with water, pop on the base, turn it on, auto-shut-off at boiling) do not make any noise to indicate water has boiled. After a decade, from about 10 yards/meters, I can hear the click of the on button physically switching position when the water has boiled, but that's the only noise. I can also hear the water cavitating and boiling. I don't notice when my co-workers boil water.
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Best answer: If Amazon is okay, I have the Amazon Basics Stainless Steel one-liter one for $20. It clicks off and I barely hear it. I've had it less than a year so I can't vouch for its longevity.
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Best answer: I often totally forget that our Bonavita kettle is on (this one), to our sometimes detriment. (It'll hold at temp for a bit and then shut off.) The "click" for hitting temp is way quieter than ones with a physical switch.

This one is usually a bit less expensive if you don't care that much about temperature precision.
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Best answer: My Russell Hobbs Precision Control literally doesn't have a click - you press a button on a control panel rather than a traditional switch. Holds temperature for a long time too, and you can separately set target and hold temperature (so say boil, then let cool to 70C and hold so I can make green tea when I remember to).
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Best answer: In case it's useful to cross off your list, my Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle is so loud I have to shut it off if someone comes into the office when it's near boiling in order to carry on a conversation.
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Best answer: Similarly, I have the Hamilton Beach 40996 Programmable Kettle, 1.7-Liter and it boils so loudly I can't hear the television in the same room.
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Best answer: I have a Cuisinart that looks identical to the Wirecutter's top pick. It's not very loud but! It beeps when the water has come to temperature. It beeps every time this happens if you have it on "Keep Warm" mode. There's no easy way to disable the beep although I guess you could disassemble it and remove the thing that beeps. But the water boiling part of it is not loud.
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Best answer: I have a Proctor Silex one from Amazon. Just a soft click when it's boiling and shuts itself off.
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Best answer: My Farberware clear kettle makes a low white noise and then a click. It also has a pleasant blue glow when it's on, which is very useful since it is pretty quiet.
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Best answer: I have the Bonavita linked above. The noise from the water heating up -- I think it's probably unavoidable -- isn't nothing, but it's tune-out-able.

The ability to set it to different temperatures is really important, though! Green tea is completely different when made at 160 F vs. boiling -- it's _meant_ to be made at a cooler temperature, it isn't bitter at that temperature, and you can drink it almost immediately. Plus, it's healthier -- a _lot_ less caffeine. It's a great way to keep warm!
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Best answer: I have the same one as fiercecupcake. It’s very quiet, and has the advantage of being very inexpensive. I’ve used it for years with 0 issues.
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Best answer: I have the same Bonavita one and it’s thermostatically controlled rather than having a steam sensor - that might be a good thing to look for.

At the highest setting, it doesn’t actually boil, but shuts off a couple of degrees under. It doesn’t beep, has only a faint relay click, and when you’re making coffee you can set the temp a bit lower and it doesn’t even sizzle for very long. It’s so quiet you don’t notice it finishing, but it will hold the water at the temperature you set if you ask it nicely, and has a thermometer display so you can see if it’s cooled off. I guess anything thermostatic is going to be similar in many regards.

Only thing is it’s a small kettle, four cup measures or maybe three decent sized mugs when full. It will, however, do very small quantities of water.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! You're making a lot of researchers in North Carolina very happy with upcoming tea options.
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Concur on the Bonavita (and the one without the temperature settings is similarly quiet - I've owned both)
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