What should I put in an exam revision kit?
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Niece aged 15 takes her GCSEs next summer and is currently a fairly dedicated reviser. I want to make a revision kit for her as a Christmas present. What should I include? So far - revision planner; book on revision; highlighters; index cards; maybe a lavender bag for calming smells.
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I like tape flags for marking pages.
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Get thee to Paperchase and find cute versions of stationary- page markers, paperclips, highlighters, scissors, post-its, fun pens, etc etc.
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A book stand?
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Some kind of whiteboard - could just be the largest piece of white paper you can find, laminated, if you don’t want her room to feel like a classroom. And some dry wipe pens and something to put it on the wall with. For writing lists, schedules, notes-to-self etc.
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Highlighting is not a super effective study strategy, as it turns out. Making one's own notes using colorful pencils or pens/markers, on the other hand, can be. Switch out highlighters for a nice set of colored pens. Maybe a book on study skills, concept mapping, or related topic?
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Coffee shop gift card!
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Excellent pens for note-taking.
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A Time Turner necklace
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My daughter is also 15 and a very diligent note taker and constructor of A4 sized topic revision sheets. Her absolute favourite tool is the laminator. She really likes the way the notes transform into something more permanent/reusable/displayable, apparently its a very satisfying and rewarding way to end reviewing a topic. We got her laminator online, its small enough to fit in a desk draw and only cost about £!5 to £20. The pouches aren't too pricey either if bought online.

Good luck to her in the exams.
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