Help Me Find A Barber/ Stylist?
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I'm a woman, I've been searching for years for someone who can give me a good, rock and roll-style shag cut. I'm looking for this. (its the first pic tittled "medium shaggy burnett hairstyle). Who is going to be able to cut hair like this?

Recently there was a question about this exact thing on MF but I have searched and can't find it. If you can link me to it that's great.

I've tried taking pics in to stylists and they all say, "yeah, yeah, great, no problem" and then I never get a shaggy cut. Back in the 90's I got this kind of cut all the time, but something has changed, and no one seems to know how to do them. In the other question on MF I seem to remember people recommending going to a barber and ask for them to use a razor to cut this style? Please help me explain what I want in the clearest possible way. I'm so tired of spending so much money and not even getting anything close to what I'm asking for. I know my hair looks good with this cut (its fine and wavy/curly) if only I could get someone to do it!

Also, bonus points for a script for how to let a stylist know I'm not satisfied with the cut they inevitably do. My mode thus far has been to walk away unhappy and just try a new salon next time. That's mostly because I don't know how to be any clearer about the cut I want. I mean if a picture doesn't work? I'm at wits end.
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Is your hair curly or textured like the picture? I have curly hair and I’ve found that a LOT of stylists just kind of suck at cutting hair that isn’t totally straight. Once I found one who could actually cut non-straight hair, my haircuts got a lot better. If that’s the case for you, I’d recommend searching on curly hair forums for stylist recommendations or asking your friends if you have some with similarly textured hair. Or if you post what city, some mefites might know someone.
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Could you be thinking of the long shag or choppy shag discussed in this recent question?
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I had a cut like this several years ago, and yes, the stylist created it with a razor. However, not all stylists know how to do this cut. You're going to want to try your local edgy salon. If they have an Instagram or online portfolio, check to make sure they show evidence of having done cuts like this before. For reference, this is the portfolio of the place that gave me this cut.
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I'm not sure where you're located, but there are stylists who specialize in JUST doing this cut, because as you have learned, not everyone can do it. That's what you want to find. The first place I would look is Instagram -- I'd try hashtags like #atxhairstylist, where "atx" is replaced with whatever your city is often called, or with your area code or zip code. Then look through those pix to find some good shags.

If I were in the PNW I'd be a regular at Goodbye Horsegirl, you'll find some dreamy inspiration there.
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Totally look at Goodbye Horsegirl if you're in Portland/Seattle!

I've gotten "The Haircut" in New Orleans and New York and have stylists to recommend in both--in New York, Anessa at Headdress Salon did a great job. In New Orleans, I have a person who doesn't have a big social media presence, but I could give you her contact info if you message me.
What you're looking for is a razor cut shag (you're using all the right words!) and Jane from Edo Salon in SF seems to be the one who is leading the charge with teaching people how to do this cut (again?)

Good luck!
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OP jumping in to clarify. I'm in Albuquerque New Mexico USA. My hair gets curly in the back if you let it dry on its own. The front is wavy, no curls.
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I would email The Left Brain Group and see who they would recommend in the area. They host classes for modern cutting techniques all over. I recently had mine cut by Jayne from Edo Salon through their classes.
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As someone who goes to a barber, I think you want a stylist, not a barber. You'll probably get better results if you look for someone who specializes in curly hair. As Weeping_angel suggests, someone who's good at cutting straight hair may be terrible at cutting curly hair.
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In the Bay Area, Jayne at Edo Salon is known for shags. I know you could also get this in LA. Maybe you could incorporate a haircut into a trip, take careful notes and pictures, and ask the stylist how you can describe it to other stylists back home.
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In Albuquerque, I would bet this salon could give you what you're looking for.
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I did an instagram search for posts tagged #abqshag and found this place that looks very promising! This is the stylist who posted the pictures I found. As a possessor of a semi-shag, you almost certainly want a razor cut and you should plan on using a little product to enhance or control your natural texture.
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