Truly Silly Question -- "Hero Wars" Logic Puzzles Currently as FB Ads?
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Facebook ads for "Hero Wars" logic puzzles -- how can I actually get to the part with the logic puzzles? Or do you have recommendations for Android games with similar logic puzzles?

I'll be going through my Facebook feed, and I'll see videos of fun-looking logic puzzles presented under the subject header "Hero Wars", usually along the line of "if you pull this bar first, then this bar second, you will roast the guy, but if ... ". The game itself, if clicked upon and gone into, doesn't seem to have anything to do with that ... or at least there's endless turn-based hit-point stuff first until I was bored waiting/clicking. Either (a) how does one get to those logic puzzles, and/or (b) are there games for Android that feature that logic-puzzle dynamic?
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Best answer: Can't exactly answer your question except to say that the game definitely doesn't turn into the game it advertises at all, and that this is quite common with mobile games, especially those advertised on Facebook.

In case you're curious why:

Why do mobile gaming companies use fake ads?
Why We’re Stuck With Fake Game Ads: They Make Big Bucks

I definitely feel like there would be a market for those games if they actually existed, but I suppose that's why they target me with those fake ads.
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Response by poster: Oh, for eff's sake. Can't believe I got suckered in. Thanks, Mike. (Are you guys all still meeting at the Goat? I need to get out there again one of these days ... )
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I totally want to play the real version of Hero Wars too. The ads remind me of an excellent Wii game called "Zack and Wiki" where performing actions in the wrong order could cause funny death sequences.
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I make a habit of reporting those ads to Facebook as "Misleading or scam."

Will Facebook do anything about it? Probably not. But it makes me feel a little better.
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