Getting from CDG to Paris on Christmas Day with the strike
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I’ll be spending Christmas in Paris. Yay! I arrive at CDG mid-afternoon on Christmas Day. My friend who lives there tells me the strike will still be going strong through the holidays.

I found this question from the summer, which recommends Uber, but I’m thinking they might be stretched thin with the strike and I might need other options.

Does anyone in Paris have a read on ground transportation to/from CDG with a general strike during Christmas week?

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Best answer: I looked up transport in Paris for my own trip a couple of weeks ago (but ended up not being able to get to Paris at all) - RATP has information for disruptions for the current day. While they advise not travelling at all because what is open will be totally rammed, they have kept some services running throughout the strike at reduced frequency etc. The link to the airport is one of the ones which I think has been kept open throughout (though one suspects it has been a horrible journey). I can't say if this is likely to be the case on Christmas Day, but if you keep scrolling down that page they have links to other options (from taxis to electric scooters), many of which have discount codes for the industrial action.
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Does the friend have a car? Or have a friend of a friend with a car? Or a friend of a friend of a friend with a car? The friend network is how I would solve this, rather than relying on the disrupted system.
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There are many alternatives to Uber so they shouldn’t be stretched thin, but if there are protests as well as strikes some roads will be closed. Uber alternatives include Kapten, Le Cab, Bolt, and G7.
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Best answer: I have been keeping track of and translating the strike transport updates for another forum, as well as keeping abreast of the news, so I can speak to what's happening.

First, I want to point out one important thing, that that question you linked to (July 2014) is out of date in one important respect because all cabs from CDG to Paris are now flat fare -- it is €50 to the Right Bank and €55 to the Left Bank, for up to 4 people. Note that "Paris" here is defined strictly as Paris city limits, i.e. within the 19 arrondissements, not any of the suburbs, for which a normal metered fare will apply. This flat fare has not been lifted/adjusted during the strike.

Uber and other rideshare providers competitors are not subject to the flat fare; normally they are quite competitive price-wise but I've been seeing reports of large surge fares during the strike, which isn't surprising as traffic conditions have been downright terrible as the strike drags on. However, traffic is likely to be light on Christmas Day, which should mean surge pricing is low.

That being said, the RER B has been running between CDG and Gare du Nord throughout the day through the strike, at 20-60 minute intervals depending on the time of day. If you speak French (or honestly just use Google Translate), the best place to keep track of RER schedules during the strike is here at the Transilien website. On tomorrow's schedule for instance, the first RER B train leaves CDG at 04:56, the last one at 20:54.

Important note: the last stop on RER B trains from the airport will be Gare du Nord, which is not normally the case, and continuing service south of Gare du Nord (to stations like Chatelet, Luxembourg, Denfert-Rochereau, etc.) on separate RER B trains is quite a bit more limited and disrupted -- see schedule for detail. (This is for jurisdictional reasons between the RATP/SNCF not normally visible to the traveler when service is running as normal.)

Finally, Le Bus Direct has continued to run a full service and Roissybus has run service daily, though it's varied from 50% to 100% of full service depending on the day.

Where exactly are you going in Paris? If it were close to Gare du Nord, I'd personally probably try for the RER B if I were traveling light, but I speak/understand French, am familiar with Paris, and am cheap so those all influence my decision.
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