Gift Ideas from US -> Philippines
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Looking for Christmas gift ideas for future in laws. Challenge, must be able to fit in suitcase and last from US to Philippines.

My son's girlfriend is going to see her mom in the Philippines for Christmas. I want to send a gift with her for her mother and her brother. Any ideas of something smallish that I can send with her for a ~40 yo woman and a ~16 yo boy? We have never met them before in person but we care very much for her daughter and want her to know that we think of them as extended family.

Open to things that they don't have there, food things (that are OK to take through customs), and more meaningful stuff too.

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My family in the Philippines would love anything that screams AMERICAN or European. So any items you can send with an identifiable logo would be much coveted. For women, that might mean perfume, purses, etc. I remember I grabbed Bulgari soap / lotion from my hotel and gave that away as gifts and the women were crazy for them. They are extremely brand-conscious.

For the teen, any basketball or American sports team logo gear would be much loved.

As for food, chocolates and Spam and better quality tinned corned beef are always in demand, but this much depends on the family. Perhaps a middle income family in the Philippines would not need it but a family that is definitely in a village would probably appreciate it.

As a personal touch, if you printed out photos of your own family and your home and surroundings, those would be things that the lolas and lolos (grandmas and grandpas) would probably enjoy seeing.
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