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So there are plenty of apps that let you track your Christmas shopping list. I don't like any of them - I prefer to use a web-based system. Which should I use?

I'm looking for a simple web-based database that will let me at a minimum do the following:

* Let me enter who I have to shop for
* Let me track what I'm getting for them
* Let me track whether I've bought, wrapped, and given or sent the gift
* Retain this information over time

Other stuff is fine, that's the minimum of what i want. Seeking something web-based since I have older smartphone/ipad tech, and since I sometimes can log on from work and track things there. Googledocs is not an option since that gets blocked by some businesses.

There's got to be something like that out there still, yeah? I've searched and found only apps or "here is the wish list of what I want" kinds of things.
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You could use Notion to create a database with these parameters. Up to 1000 blocks of information, it would be free.
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You could try using Trello; make a board, "Christmas 2019", each card says who it's for, when you decided what to buy put that in the card too somewhere, make the lanes of the Trello board into the status. It's web based and app based.
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I use Airtable databases to track my fabrics, patterns, and sewing queue. I *could* use it as an app on my phone, but I don't. I use it in a browser at work or at home. I'm still using the free version and it's got a lot of information in my tables.
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Ooh, Airtable is pretty. I'm still struggling with the fields a bit, but I think this is what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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