Recent essay about Instagram "flattening" one's experience?
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I'm trying to find an essay from the past couple of weeks (in something like Vox, or Buzzfeed, I forget where) in which the author talks about how, looking through her Instagram feed over the past year or so, she can't tell what the ups or downs of her life were, because all her posts had the same flat-positive tone. Anyone remember this?
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Is it this dropbox interview with Jenny Odell? Or Vox?

She only mentions Insta on the former though: “Life through the filter of Instagram strips away everything that falls outside of the frame. Odell describes it as a ‘kind of narrow quality of experiences as they're portrayed.’ What you’re left with is ‘a product—the clean, finished version of all of these processes that are often hidden.’”

(And I highly recommend her book “How To Do Nothing” bee tee dubs.)
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Could it be Tavi Gevinson’s essay?
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Response by poster: Ah just found it: Instagram is broken. It also broke us.

Thanks for the other links, though! And @Hazy Star, yes, Odell's book is great!
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