How to deal with unpainted area of stair skirt after carpet install?
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We recently replaced the carpet on our stairwell, and the new carpet has a much lower profile, resulting in a large unpainted gap. The smart thing to do would have been to rip the old carpet out and paint before the carpet was replaced, but I did not do the smart thing, so I'd like some guidance on how to make things look better.

I don't see a way to solve this by adding trim to cover this up, so I assume I'll need to just paint the gap, but I'm concerned about tape messing up the surface of the carpet, or not sticking to it. Is there a good tape to use in this situation? Should I try using something other than masking tape to protect the carpet? Is there another way out of this mess that doesn't involve me spending a whole day with a tiny brush gently applying paint and hoping the carpet doesn't smudge it? I've painted walls, ceilings, and trim many times, but never had to deal with carpet before.
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Packing tape. (See ruler tip at link.)
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When I've had to do this, I've used tape, but also a piece of stiff cardboard to press the carpet down as I paint.
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There's a tool for that.
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Similar to above tool, I've used lengths of old fashioned venetian blind wide metal slats, if you happen to have any of those around. Insert between the wall and the carpet. With those or with above tool, you need to clean off the wet paint after every section or you will smear paint onto carpet.
I suppose you could cut miniblind slats to length,use once, let the paint dry, and throw them away after one section. Miniblinds are pretty cheap. Hmmm, I think I'll try that next time.
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I would do as others have suggested, but I would also sand down the old paint edge first; otherwise, it will definitely show, even if you repaint all of the trim.
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Thanks, all. Got one of those paint guard tools and some packing tape and did this job tonight. Results are pretty good!
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Pics or it didn't happen.
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