Cleaning a grease spot from gray wool slacks
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I have this exact question from 2010 with a wrinkle: I’m traveling for work and would very much like to clean my slacks prior to an important meeting tomorrow.

I’m resigned to having the stain for two less important meetings today, but I’d like to clean the slacks at my hotel tonight. I’ll have about 9-10 hours at the hotel to do what I can to clear up the spot. It’s likely food oil, about one-inch in diameter just above the knee (so, quite prominent).

Is dish soap the best way to go? Cornstarch? k2r? Any other ideas?
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If you can find Shout Wipes they are great for this sort of thing.
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If it's oil-based, try a tiny drop of dish soap. Dish soap is good at breaking up oil-based stains.
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While others will surely offer tips on cleaning - Does budget, body type, style, and location allow for you to stop in a department store to purchase replacement slacks in the event that the cleaning doesn't go as hoped? Does the place where you stay have laundry service or recommendation for nearby fast dry cleaners?
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I don't actually know what it's in it, but if you can find a store that carries Dryel home drycleaning kits, the stain removal pen in those works quite well IME. You won't have a dryer to run the pants through the whole process, but it might get the stain out.
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I have used dish soap or even hand soap with success.
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a tide stick might work too
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I agree, if you're staying at a hotel that gets a lot of business guests, ask at the front desk if they have a dry cleaner on tap for emergencies. Before you try any DIY stuff.
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I've always had good luck using shampoo to get grease spots out of clothing.
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Update: I found a Dryel kit in a grocery store and the pen worked very well. I’m grateful for all of your helpful replies. Thanks!
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