Good Games To Play While Watching TV / Listening To Podcasts
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I am looking for good games to play on my phone or computer while doing other things like watching tv or listening to podcasts or music.

I find myself getting antsy when watching TV or listening to music or podcasts. I am looking for things to keep my hands busy. I play games on my phone, but I am open to other suggestions too (other than knitting).

I tend to appreciate games like block or puzzle games. Nothing that is going to require undivided attention or lots of hand eye coordination and speed/precision like shooters.

I like 1010, but not two dots. Ideally something that has lots of "replay" value and levels.

Thank you in advance
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Flow Free, 2048, and Threes.
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Huh, my go-to is Two Dots, but backups are Hexio, Hex FRVR, Merged++, Ballz and Falling Ballz.
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Not a game, but I like color by number apps when watching TV. The one I use is Tap Color and it's on both iTunes and Google Play.
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An advanced version of 2048 is 16384 - I find the circles and longer play time more enjoyable. I play while watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to podcasts, etc.

I also like sudoku, and sometimes solitaire (spider or normal).
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Not sure if it's mindless enough but I like Toon Blast. Several thousand levels (though zero replayability); has in app purchases but they are a) unnecessary to play (I'm on level 2800 and have never bought anything) and b) not constantly pushed to you; has no ads; plays fine offline (though you lose out on bonus power ups); and is play at your own pace. It's a bit easier at early levels if you can find/create an active team to shovel you bonus lives.

Down sides: it can be a bit grindy and at least on my device there is significant lag between levels and on initial start up (this turns out to be a good thing for me as I end up playing it at bed time and find myself falling asleep during level transitions).
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Mini Metro
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Bejeweled Classic. I usually play the Butterflies or Lightning versions, but Classic is good too.
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If you have a Nintendo Switch, the new Pokemon Sword/Shield is good for that. My friend and I were listening to some good house music while playing.
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I have played probably 1000 games of Battleship Solitaire while listening to podcasts. Read the tips!
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I play Homescapes and completely ignore the story unless I use up all my lives, at which point I use the bazillion stars I've used up to advance the story to the next day, which gives me some period of infinite lives.
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Sand Balls and Spintree for very simple. Bonza Jigsaw and Wordscapes for a little more challenge, but still the kind of things you can pick up and put down.
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If you have apple arcade, Grindstone is really good.
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Mini Metro is really relaxing and fun
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Mahjong and Minesweeper.
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Drop7 is pretty good.
So is TripleTown.
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Sir Match-A-Lot (possible to complete all 21 worlds without paying anything).
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As much as it is kind of annoying because of monetization, etc., the Candy Crush games are actually fun. Dragon hills (first one, not the sequel) is also great.
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I've heard Elite: Dangerous described as a Podcast game, largely cause you'll be sitting in warp transporting goods for extended periods of time.

Same goes for EuroTrucking Simulator and its side-quel, American Trucking Simulator.

I'm an avid player of Destiny 2 (now free to play) and I've heard other players describe it as a good listening to podcast game, but I'm not sure I 100% agree. A lot of the content can be spaced out to, as its not terribly hard and doesn't demand a ton of attention.
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I can waste hours playing 0h h1 and 0h n0.
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My two go-to options when I want to both play a video game and listen to a podcast are Civilization and The Sims. Both games involve stretches of time where nothing is really happening in the game and even when something is happening it's usually brainless enough that I don't lose focus on the podcast.
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Backgammon Free, Euchre Free, Hearts Free or your favorite classic game by AI Factory for Android. The games start out at very easy levels and you can set the computer player(s) to higher levels. I pretty quickly put them all on the hardest levels, but games like that are fairly random so they don't get old to me.
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My favourite is Nonograms.
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