How can I set up pre-orders for my audiobook?
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I just published a book and am working on an audiobook version. I expect it to be ready to be uploaded to the distributor shortly before Christmas. But I'd like to make pre-orders available so buyers have plenty of time to learn about it and get on a list to order it.

Is there any platform that lets me set up a pre-order mechanism? I didn't see one on Goodreads, Paypal, or Amazon or any of the social media sites. Facebook lets people donate to a non-profit, but I'm not that. What about code I can add to my website? What, if anything, is available?
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Audible offers pre-orders. IDK how they work with self-publishing, but they're a partner of Amazon so it's worth investigating. The other way would be to run a brief Kickstarter/Indiegogo or similar, with the audiobook as the only reward.
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