Replacements for "Enlight" app?
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I used to use the Enlight app for my lightweight-photoshop, making funny-pictures-for-my-friends type photo editing. I remember that I paid some amount of money for it at the time, but it was in the ~$10 range. The developers are ending app support and asking you to switch to a new app, which is vastly more expensive- too much for the casual way I use it. What iOS apps can I use instead?
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What features do you need? I find the free Photoshop app (PS Express) very good for general photo editing, but it doesn't have more "fun" features like stickers and drawing.
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Following, as I am in the same boat.
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Pixelmator is an awesome app on macOS. I have not used their iOS version but it is the one I would choose likely.
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Basically I need to be able to do the following:

1) Photoshop my cat so it looks like she’s DJing at a music festival.
2) put a comical hairdo I find online onto my bald dad’s head.
3) etc.

I’m a real power user, see.
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I use Pixelmator on my iPad. It’s definitely as impressive as the desktop app.

It looks like they’ve released a stripped down version called Pixelmator Photo for $5. Definitely worth a look.
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I bought Juxtaposer many years ago and it continues to be supported and excellent. Really just for compositing photos together, but it handles both your examples and is a joy to use.
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FWIW, I still routinely use iOS apps for which support ended years ago – if you just mean it won't be officially supported, might it keep working for you? (at least til Apple itself breaks support for it at the OS level, but that may not happen for a long time)
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