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Can I use my TiVo box without paying for service?

I think it's a series 2 with 40 hours recording time. (It was given to my parents as a gift and they don't want it so they gave it to me.) I don't have cable so it seems silly to pay for $13.00 for 5 channels. But we'd like to record some things and not get all the fancy stuff...just record on a schedule. Can we do this?
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Yes. You won't get schedule data though, so you'll have to use the "Record by Time and Channel" function under "Pick Programs to Record".
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The first hit for "use tivo without service" on Tivo's Customer Service page is this page which should give you the details you need.
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Prepare to get nagged a ridiculous amount, too.

They're big on the nagging.
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Tivo without the service is just a fancy VCR. With the service you can say "Record the Daily Show every day," without the service you can just say "Record channel 56 M-T 23:00-23:30."
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The only problem I've run into with using Tivo as a VCR is that eventually its clock started to lag, and it's impossible to re-set because it's not calling into the system anymore. So we have to remember to timeshift everything by five minutes.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone. Very helpful.
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