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Is there anywhere that has a definitive list of all the Christmas (or winter holiday) themed Netflix romantic comedies? I, I mean my friend, wants to find a systematic way of finding them.

So I don't want regular romantic comedies on Netflix mixed in. I want the ones specifically commissioned by Netflix, you know, The Christmas Prince, Let it Snow, Knight Before Christmas and so on. They seem to pop up at random in the app, but that's no way to live. I want a system in place to watch them all.
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Best answer: Netflix has a category right now called "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Netflix". You can search on that to bring it up.

It isn't limited to romantic comedies, but it is mostly romantic comedies and having spent a lot of time scrolling through it during our annual "Netflix cheesy Christmas movies" party, I believe they are all in there. I believe the ones with an N in the corner are -- if not commissioned for Netflix - Netflix exclusives. They tend to be at the top of the list, with the non-Netflix stuff further down.
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Best answer: Google Netflix codes romantic Christmas. You will find articles telling you what numbers to put in the URL (after for various subcategories.
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Best answer: This article lists "all of the Netflix original Christmas movies you can stream this holiday season".
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Best answer: cough.
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Not sure about a list but the film "The Christmas Chronicles" was EXCELLENT Christmas viewing last year!
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Best answer: Looks like jenny76 has a Netflix list, but is Hallmark on the table as well? They're releasing 40 Christmas-themed movies this year. Here's a list.

I watched the NF movie "Klaus," and it was goddamn great. It's the origin story for Santa Claus.
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Response by poster: Nice, thanks! And Hallmark movies, oh no! Where am I going to find the time?!
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Best answer: There's also Lifetime's holiday films (tagline: "It's a Wonderful Lifetime"). Lifetime has a lot more people of color in their films than Hallmark. (Yes, I'm enough of a connoisseur that I know these nuances.)
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I found this list of all Christmas movies on Netflix (how complete, I don't know, but it's from what's basically a Netflix fansite), and dumped it into Excel, and crunched it up, and it spat out the following 7 movies, the Netflix-produced romance movies (we're all calling them rom-coms, but are they really, or are they just occasionally-funny romantic dramas?), listed with their year, N for netflix, genre, and imdb score. (I updated the latest in the Christmas Prince franchise.)

A Christmas Prince 2017  N Romance 5.7
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby 2019  N Romance 5.3
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding 2018  N Romance 5.2
The Holiday Calendar 2018  N Romance 5.7
The Princess Switch 2018  N Romance 6
Holiday in the Wild 2019  N Romance 6.1
The Knight Before Christmas 2019  N Romance 5.5

So, just 7 movies that actually fit your criteria; that seems entirely manageable.

Here are the comedy movies:
A Very Murray Christmas 2015  N Comedy 5.5
Christmas Inheritance 2017  N Comedy 5.7
El Camino Christmas 2017  N Comedy 5.6
5 Star Christmas 2018  N Comedy 4.4
Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas 2018  N Comedy 6.7
Prince of Peoria: A Christmas Moose Miracle 2018  N Comedy 5.6
Holiday Rush 2019  N Comedy 4.7

Some of these, like Holiday Rush (which looks like a family movie as much as anything) might tread into Rom-com waters.

I note for the record my opinion that IMDB ratings are garbage and should generally be ignored in favor of RT or metacritic.

In nay case, for 2019 live-action movies alone, all you need to do is hit those 4 Netflix movies, plus the 68 movies from Lifetime and Hallmark. You're gonna need a bigger box of tissues.
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Christmas Inheritance should definitely be on the rom-com list (though I agree with you that most of these are actually rom-drams).
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Response by poster: And Let it Snow? Maybe my criteria are fuzzy and that's why I am having a hard time finding a complete list, of maybe big N wants to force people to search for hours rather than make it easy to find what they want to watch.
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