Custom adult onesie with an all-over print
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I want a onesie with pictures of my cats on it (for me, so very much adult-sized). Please help me find a company that will do this. Further details on what I'd like to do beyond the cut.

I have recently decided that in order to live a fulfilled and happy life, I require a onesie covered with pictures of my cats. I expect you can all understand this. I've found some places that come close, but I'm hoping the collected wisdom of AskMe can help me find exactly what I'm hoping for. (And also, you know, avoid the scammy places.)

What I would really like:
- an adult-sized onesie (I am female-bodied and wear like a size 14-16 in US sizes, and would like the onesie to fit with many inches of positive ease.)
- I send a company an image that is just a big ol' collage of pictures of my cats, probably on some kind of background. This can be tiled as needed to fully cover the onesie, front and back. I can work with pretty high-res images though some guidance on size/resolution would be great.
- Costs less than $100

Other things I'd like but aren't required:
- Delivery to North America by Christmas (willing to pay some, but not an infinite amount, for this)
- Relatively light knit fabric rather than a fleece or other heavy fabric, since my apartment is quite warm.
- A transparent supply chain and ethical fibers and working conditions. (Willing to up what I'll pay for this, too.)

Fallback plan:
The above, but on pajama pants and a shirt and I'll make my own onesie/onesie-effect.

Thank you for your help in this vital venture.
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You can design your own fabric at and have it printed on a vareity of fabrics, including a knit. Then you would have to find someone to sew it up into your onesie. Etsy? Probably not do-able in time for Christmas.
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Patricia's Couture is where I ordered my mother pajamas covered in her dogs. I do not know if they make onesies, but the pajamas were good (and the mediums were generously sized). The shipping last year was...not prompt, but they had just been featured in some buzzfeed list or something so I imagine it was a busy time for them.
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Probably not ethical fiber and over what your preferred budget is, but Print All Over Me has a onesie and you can upload your own images and design some aspects of the garment.
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Thank you everyone! sarajane, thanks especially for the reminder that spoonflower exists :) I can sew, I'm just very...unenthusiastic. (Doubly so when it comes to sewing knits.) PAOM is a bit above my budget, but not so much that I don't mind paying it, so I'll go with that, I think.
(And a special shoutout to Patricia's Couture which doesn't have a onesie but DOES have a caftan so that'll be next Christmas festive wear, I think...)
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A nice thing about CowCow is you can have different patterns on different parts of the garment
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