Custom hoodie in/to Canada by Christmas for Adult and Toddler
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I need a store that can print custom hoodies for me, in adult and toddler sizes and have them to me in Toronto by Christmas. After spending all this time designing my hoodies online at a .ca. site, I go to checkout and discover they ship from the U.S. and won't come til January. Where should I order? Web site or etsy seller.
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Custom Ink says they're shipping international. You can chat with them online to see how long it will take. They have adult and toddler items. I've purchased from them previously, and they did a great job.
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I’m in Mississauga at a public Library and we have been doing it ourselves in our free MakerSpace. Just bring your own hoodie/t-shirt and vinyl (pick it from from Micheals), design the pattern (or download a free pre-made one) and cut it and press it to the hoodie/shirt. I’m sure the TPL also has the same options in their MakerSpaces if you didn’t feel like coming all the way to Mississauga.
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Ok the place Hydra suggested will ship to Canada for free in two weeks, but you have to order at least 6 of each item. Just ordered from this etsy shop. I'll keep the makerspace option in mind for future, though.
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Please note: I do not recommend the seller I used.
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Well that blows, I'm sorry. :(

Just as a secondary option, Custom Ink does have some categories that have no minimums, including adult hoodies and kid hoodies (down to Youth XS).

Good luck!
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