Where to go after the death of PS Vue?
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Sony announced last month that they were shutting down their Playstation Vue TV service come January 2020. I don't watch a LOT of live TV, but I do like that PSVue allowed SSO to supported channel apps through my AppleTV (like the Science Channel app, CW, HGTV, and more) for time-shifting watching what I like. I'm hoping to hear some experiences from cord-cutting MeFites about other options, like Sling, Hulu, or anything I might not have heard about.

The AppleTV / SSO thing is big for me, so I do know that Philo is probably not for me at this time. I don't watch live sports, so I don't particularly care if the carrier has the NFL Network or anything like that.
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My wife and I have AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now) and it does support SSO with other apps.
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I'm in the same boat and have been exploring options by signing up for services to test them out. So far I've tried Sling and Youtube TV.

My starting point was suppose.tv, which allows you to select channels and devices to explore the different options.

As far as AppleTV / SSO, it depends if you mean that you can use TV Everywhere apps, which Philo does, or if you want them to be a Apple TV Provider, which Philo isn't one.

My experience so far as has been no UI has been nearly as good as PS Vue.

Right now I will likely be sticking with Youtube TV, which seems to be a slight consensus at the Reddit Vue subreddit. For me, it was partially because it seemed to be one of the few services that allow you to pause any channel.

Vue will be missed in my household, good luck to finding an alternative.
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I was the biggest fan of ps Vue. Kinda sad but oh well. I switched to YouTube tv and you know what? It's better in every way. Cheaper, better apps, better DVR, better quality, more stability, sso works a treat, I am really enjoying it and wholeheartedly recommend it.
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I am a YouTube TV subscriber that is very satisfied with the service. Unlimited DVR service. My family uses both apple TV and chrome cast.
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I was a YouTubeTV early adopter ($35, same as in town), who left for PS Vue when YTTV broke its promise of $35 forever and now back to YTTV.

YouTubeTV really is the superior service (maybe except for the channel guide); higher image quality, fewer dropouts and hang ups, better DVR, etc.

They’re still jerks, though.
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I used to have AT&T/Direct TV Now, but had lots of issues with sound and picture not syncing for certain channels. After their price went up, we switched to YouTube TV and are pretty happy with it. I like the guide/UI way better.
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