Snacks for the Apocalypse
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I'm looking for fun ideas for climate-change themed snacks, no link is too tenuous.

I have planning meetings where we theme the foods based around the types of education programs we are planning. Last big meeting was bee-themed, so all food contained honey. This time, we're planning climate change activities so I'm looking for something fun. Give me all your excellent ideas. Somebody is already bringing roasted insects.

We initially discussed eliminating foods from the menu that would fall victim to climate change, but coffee is essential. Also the idea of a food-pocalypse, where all food systems have collapsed, is off the table because we are a workplace of feeders where a meeting without food may as well have been an email.
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cups of soylent?
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Sliders or meatballs made from impossible burgers? Perfect Day ice cream? Some other lab grown, animal product replacement?

Alternately, foods based on likely-to-be-extinct or relatives of extinct animals or plants: Lost Feast.
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I have been trying in vain to find a place to link you - the late food magazine Lucky Peach did an entire apocalypse-themed issue.

A couple things they did involved canned food - one was a couple of guys taste-testing different brands of canned spaghetti, and another was recipes for food using pantry staples. Maybe have a sort of "canned food pot luck", where everyone brings in a can of something that they could have plausibly scavenged from an abandoned supermarket.
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Bowl of melted ice cream?
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Dried jellyfish (look in an Asian supermarket).
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Baked Alaska
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Eat whatever you want but pay twice as much for it.

Serve Topo Chico it has extra CO2.

Tomatoes grown in a greenhouse.

Acorns foraged from your neighborhood.
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Buy some canned foods, take off the labels, dent them with hammers, and serve unlabeled with a can opener.
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I'd do local foods. They wouldn't necessarily have to be ACTUALLY local, but all ingredients that could reasonably be sourced locally. Of course, that would mean no coffee (unless that's local to you?), and really if you want to talk seriously about climate change and you're not willing to go without coffee for one meeting...I dunno, no words.
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Toxic Sludge (green Jell-O)
Dried fruit
Toast (served with a sustainable jam or butter -- Earth Balance is good)
Worms in Dirt
Earth shaped cookies
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Dried seaweed snacks, which are pretty easy to find if you have an Asian market nearby.
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Pulled pork with a few finger bones and a wedding ring in it, and a placard reading “long pig”
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Salty tea (Suutei tsai) or miso with seaweed? They're not related to climate change directly, but they do taste a little bit like the ocean.

Less silly is food from places that are likely to suffer the most. The Maldives have many unique dishes. As does Bangladesh. (And many other places, I'm sure.)
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Emergency/bug-out bag food i.e. freeze dried meals and MREs
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Tuna melt
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Toasted crickets. If you can track down some cuy, it may horrify your guests, but if we're eating mammals at all post-Apocalypse, it'll probably be rodentia. Are Twinkies too obvious?
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Snacks based on staple foods that are threatened due to climate change:
- potato (see indigenous farmers in the Andes),
- taro (see Micronesian and Polynesian low-lying coral atolls),
- wild rice (see North American Ojibwe)

Since this is an educational group, you can put little explanatory cards next to things that don't seem very "apocalyptic." I hope your team makes delicious snacks... I am pretty depressed just coming up with three staple starches that are threatened...
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These are all fantastic!

The canned food idea wins - we cleaned out a store room a couple of weeks ago and found half a dozen cans of beans where the best before date has faded. Going to have fun denting them up in the morning!
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