Emptied the documents folder. Hope me.
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On my Mac, I did something with my iCloud a few weeks ago. It hid my Documents folder in a way that I thought I figured out. Discovered a few days ago that I didn't actually fix it. Now the folder is not in my iCloud, and also not in any intuitive place I've looked on the Mac. Can you walk me through finding it?

In my memory, I fiddled with the iCloud settings, lost the Documents folder, googled how to get it back, and then made the brilliant decision when I "got it back" to put a copy of the "Documents" folder ON MY DESKTOP. Now, of course, it's not on my desktop. When I open the hidden Documents folders that show up when I search the desktop directory, they contain iChat and nothing else. I have not opened every single one of these because I have gotten frustrated. I could probably figure out how to sort them by folder size in my terminal, but I am so mad at myself about this even after a few days of cooling off that I can hardly see. And also, my filing system is basically just "in there" and nearly everything was in the Documents folder, so it's a lot.

I checked in my iCloud "advanced" section for recoverable files. There is nothing there. Halp?
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No Time Machine backup?
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You could try Disk Inventory X to spot large folders on your drive. It will provide a visual representation of your files grouped by size, but also colored by type.

Another method, if you know one of the file names, would be to use the Finder search feature to look for a file matching that name.
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I never made a backup (no external drive) and my understanding is time machine requires the user to initiate.

Will look into disk inventory x
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