Gift card ideas for an arts school student
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I would like to purchase a gift card for my 16 yo Goddaughter. In the past, I have sent Amazon cards, but I would like to move away from them. She is attending an arts school and is active in the theater department. Any good alternatives? Thanks!
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Blick Art is a pretty big chain so there probably is one near her. But double check to make sure.
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I second Blick--you can get an e card at if she can use online.

If she's in a smaller area and you want brick and mortar, your best bet is Michaels.
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Blick is great. But also check Yelp for an independent art store in her area that is well reviewed! They probably have gift cards and can mail one to you or to your goddaughter directly.

If you go with a big box brick and mortar, consider Home Depot. I suppose it depends on what kind of art she’s into, but if she does any behind the scenes work with the theater, she may be interested in picking up some tools.

Also, if there’s one in her area, JoAnns might be better than Michaels. They have a similar range of craft supplies but fabric and sewing stuff as well.
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People are recommending supplies for visual arts, but it sounds more like she might be in the performing arts? Could you clarify? That would help narrow down recommendations. When you say “active in the theater department,” does she act, or do costume design, or lighting design, or set design, or sound design, or?
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Yes, snowmentality is correct, she is more involved in acting on stage. I'm sorry I didn't clarify this sooner.
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So are you looking for art supplies or just general online shopping? You say you've given her Amazon cards in the past, so that makes me think maybe you're looking for general online shopping.

If the reason you want to get away from Amazon is to support local-to-her businesses, it's worth googling around her city/town to see what stores are close, and then determining whether or not they have an online store and if you can get gift cards for online shopping. It's also probably worth reaching out to her parents to see if they have any suggestions w/r/t what she's "in" to, and what she might be needing.
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