It's (odd sized) curtains for you!
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Where can I find affordable sheer curtains for my non-standard sized window?

I recently purchased these 63" length curtains for the big window in my living room but it turns out their length is 2.5 inches too short! Unfortunately the next standard length for curtains is 72" which won't work as there is a radiator under the window.

Where can I find sheer patterned or un-patterned rod pocket curtains between 65" and 69" in length that won't cost me an atrocious amount of money?

Please note that I can not be bothered to hem curtains. I am looking for ready to hang curtains.
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If they’re sheer, why not just move the hardware down 2 1/2 inches?
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You can get iron on hemming tape to take curtains up, so you should be able to buy 72in curtains, trim them and use the tape to make a new hem.

If I were doing it and I wasn't confident of my abilities I would do a trial run with the cheapest curtains I could find as a sacrificial pair - maybe you can pick something up at Goodwill or ReStore.
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Assume the hardware can not be moved down due to the weirdness of my old house walls.
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Seconding them tape. Trim the curtain 2" longer than you want, iron the excess flat against the wrong side of the curtain, and apply the hem tape to the cut edge and press again. Use the scrap to do a test pass with the iron so you dont melt the fabric (if its polyester), and adjust the heat down if needed.
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If you like the curtains you bought, you can also just add 2.5-3" to the bottom (buy another of the curtains or just choose a contrasting fabric) -- if you can be bothered to add a strip to the ones you've got. Unfortch the Curtain Industrial Complex dictates that your curtains are going to be a certain length. When I really needed custom ones, I just had them made (I mean, I could have made them myself but my mom made them as a gift).
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I've been shopping off-the-shelf drape/curtains world for my own non-standard window for a while, and I'm pretty sure you'll have to compromise on either the hemming or whether you even get curtains (vs blinds and friends).
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How about if someone else hems them? I bought too long curtains a couple years ago and had them altered at a little local shop for $20.
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Get longer curtains (IKEA curtains are heinously long but cheap as heck). Iron the hem to the correct length and use straight pins (just catching a bit of the fabric) to hold up the hem. I did that in one of my windows for years because I was too lazy to hem them, and it looked fine.
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