Drivable mountain destinations in Nor Cal on 12/1/19?
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I'm trying to take a day trip by car in northern California to get to the mountains tomorrow, on 12/1/19. It looks like the roads are closed to Tahoe and Yosemite and/or winter storms are coming. Where can I go to take a long drive with a beautiful girl? Looking for natural beauty at it's finest.

Trying to plan a quick getaway with maybe some cozy winter activities and romance for tomorrow, but Tahoe and Yosemite seem out of the question due to road conditions and weather. Where can I take this girl that will be within driving distance of Sacramento and not impossible to reach or hard to get to without tire chains? Secret and romantic places are gladly welcomed! Thank you!
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Its not exactly mountains, but Muir woods is close to you, and not closed due to weather. Its extremely beautiful. Apparently you need to reserve parking tho, so I dont know if you can do that before tomorrow.
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I know you said mountains, but given that you aren’t prepared for snowy driving I think it’s best you head for the coast! Go for a beach walk in Jenner, get a snack at the Cafe Aquarius, and have dinner in the redwoods along the Russian River.

The cool towns in the foothills are closed this time of year.
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Not mountains, but how about Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt? Absolutely amazing drive. 4 hours from Sacramento. Much more impressive than Muir Woods.
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